Graduation Stole 100913

Graduation Stole 100913

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P-Grad stole # 100913

Proudly show your true colors...

Beautifully crafted in the Philippines ~ This stole features:

Embroidered / Hand-painted designs inspired by the ancient body art of our ancestral islands known as batek, batok, batak, fatek, whatok, fatok, or buri among various Cordilleran tribes; batok or patik among Visayan tribes; batik, buri, or tatak among Tagalog tribes; buri among Pangasinan, Kapampangan, and Bicolano tribes; batek, butak, or burik among the Ilocano tribes; and pangotoeb among various Manobo tribes.

Tribal body art is symbolic of various concepts, including tribal identity and kinship, bravery, beauty, social or wealth status, and can also document personal or communal history.

It is said that once a person can endure the pain of tribal body art, they can endure pain and challenges encountered later in adult life.  In the spirit of that rite of passage, this stole celebrates the academic achievement of graduation.

Wear the P-Grad stole for the distinction of being a proud Pinay or Pinoy...
... for graduations (P-Grad, Fil-Grad, etc.), awardings and other special ceremonies.

Choral & other Pinoy groups look especially distinguished wearing these stoles as well.

Made of fine polyester satin. Dimensions: 76'' long