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Caring for your Barong

How to clean jusi fabric or piña fabric garments?

For all jusi fabric & piña fabric Barongs, dresses, etc. with embroidery: 
NO dry cleaning! (unless it's a specific method for silk or similar fabrics)
NO machine washing!

Recommended cleaning method for all jusi fabric & piña fabric garments:

1. Hand washing

  • Soak garment in mild detergent/cold water solution to free up dirt or stains.
  • If needed, brush off remaining or stubborn dirt, and then rinse.
    • Hand-embroidered Barongs, however, should not be scrubbed. 
    • A piña Barong that has turned yellow may be washed with diluted vinegar and soaked overnight. The acid in the vinegar helps remove the yellowish stain.
  • When rinsing the Barong, do not squeeze or twist the fabric. 
  • Drip dry on a non-metal hanger, buttoning it from top to bottom, maintaining its normal shape.
  • Iron with medium heat.

2. Your local cleaner may offer non-chemical cleaning for delicate fabrics (i.e. silk) like jusi or piña. Make sure your local cleaner has experience with cleaning garments of jusi fabric (silk organza) or piña fabric before entrusting your garment with them.

How to clean other garments (other than jusi or piña fabric)?

The garment should be laid flat on the ironing board and pressed with medium heat. To remove fold creases, lightly dampen the area with a clean, wet towel, or lightly sprinkle the area with water, then press.

Never pull the fabric to straighten it.

If desired, starch may be used.

After ironing the garment, hang on non-metal, broad hanger to retain its normal shape.

How to store garment?

For best results, especially with jusi & piña fabric garments, follow these guidelines: Before putting it away in the closet, clean it as described above. Then store it in a cool, dark place, and cover it with a dark breathable cloth. Do not use a plastic cover since it tends to cause discoloration over long periods of time.