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Canadians shopping for a Barong, the traditional formal shirt of the Philippines, just got a break.’s new site is optimized for Canada, ships directly, & eliminates the “mystery customs tax” that often plagues Canadian online shoppers. Feb 03, 2009 – Ontario, Canada – The “mystery customs tax bill” is likely the biggest frustration for Canadians who shop online or mail-order. This bill usually arrives in the mail after you have received the order, or it sometimes comes with a notice that your order is being held by the customs department until you pay the import tax.

The online store,, that sells Barongs (Barong Tagalog) made & shipped from the Philippines, has ushered in the era of Canada-friendly online shopping.

Customs import taxes should be revealed & included in online checkout. Sounds simple, right? However, the overwhelming majority of online stores are not Canada-friendly, and they don’t tell you what your Canadian customs taxes will be. If you’re buying a Barong from, you’ll see the Canada import taxes spelled out and included in your order checkout. It’s simple, yet MyBarong is one of very few online stores to do so. Like Barongs, most products sold online are made & sold from outside of Canada. Everything that’s imported through Canada’s borders gets taxed. So, Canadian customers should be aware, and always shop with online stores that clearly inform them of their taxes and shipping charges.

Receiving your online order can be quick & easy... or long & frustrating. It all depends on the logistics of the online store & its suppliers. Stores that incorporate advanced production, supply & shipping logistics can deliver to customers much faster compared to their “old school” counterparts., for example, has invested heavily into technology that gives its customers the fastest possible delivery while keeping prices competitive. Even though their Barongs, Filipiniana dresses, blouses and accessories come all the way from the Philippines, they are produced quickly & shipped to Canada directly. One of MyBarong’s specialties is producing made-to-order Barongs, often for large wedding groups that require matching Barongs, and shipping them within 2-3 weeks to anywhere in the world.

Now that MyBarong has an order & logistics center in Canada, Canadian customers enjoy the benefits of virtually shopping “in” the Philippines & guaranteed shipping times, all from the comfort of their home or office. At the online store, you’ll find something for everyone in the family (or wedding entourage): men’s & boys’ Barong shirts at various prices & levels of customization: “ready-to-wear”, made-to-order or custom tailored. You’ll also find beautiful garments for women & girls. Traditional & contemporary Filipiniana fashion makes a style statement whether you’re at a casual party or a formal ball.

Canada-based stores serve Canadians better. This is true in many ways, so MyBarong has set up a dedicated order & logistics center in Ontario. MyBarong’s Canadian customers have the benefit of reduced shipping costs, easier order returns, and the peace of mind that they’re doing business with a local company.

About was the very first online store to specialize in custom tailored as well as ready-to-wear Barong Tagalog. Launched in 1999,’s mission is to give everyone a chance to buy remarkable Barongs with exceptional value from anywhere around the world. It is a family-owned business that thrives via collaboration with partner artisans, tailors, embroiders & weavers in the Philippines with a collective goal of making the world a more beautiful place, one Barong at a time.