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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences among In Stock, Made-to-Order & Custom Tailor garments?

In Stock Garment Info
  • What's In-Stock?

In Stock garments are offered in many "standard sizes" for men, women, boys & girls. They are available for immediate shipping.
  • How do I know which size of In Stock garment will fit me?
  • Sleeve Measurement: "dress shirt sleeve length"

There are two ways to find your sleeve length in a long sleeve Barong.

    • If you know your "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length" (which is found on the size tag of your best-fitting dress shirt), find a Barong with that sleeve Length. Or
    • See illustrated instructions for measuring your "Dress shirt sleeve length" 
  • What are the neck sizes of the In Stock barongs?

The collar is traditionally comfortably loose on the barong, so we've made a comfortable allowance for neck size in all of our Barongs. We've made the neck dimensions proportional to the chest dimensions, so there's usually never a problem with fit at the neck.

chest sizes / neck dimensions (inches): 

    • 34-36 / up to 14 3/4"
    • 38-40 / up to 15 3/4"
    • 42-44 / up to 16 3/4"
    • 46-48 / up to 17 3/4"
    • 50-52 / up to 18 3/4"
    • 54-56 / up to 19 3/4"
  • How does the Barong fit around the torso?

    The Barong is traditionally a loose-fitting shirt. Due to the lack of stretch in jusi & Piña fabric, Barongs made of these fabrics are always made with an allowance of about 6" at the chest. This allows one to comfortably move his/her arms and torso while wearing the Barong. The cut of the Barong is "straight," which means there is no tapering of the torso.

    • How to order an In Stock garment?

    A. If you know only your size / measurements:

          1. Go to the In Stock section for men, women, boys & girls.
          2. Select your size, then click "update display" to display only items available in your size.

        B. If you know the item #:

              1. Enter the item # into the Search box & click search.
            • How can I search for a specific item #?

            If you wish to shop just for specific item #, enter the item # into the Search box & click search.