Men’s Barong Size Chart & Measurement Guide

To make your shopping experience easier, our In Stock Barong sizes are described by the chest and sleeve measurements of the person.

Unlike the "letter size" system (Small, Medium, Large, etc.), our "measurement" size system is consistently reliable since you'll find a Barong that matches your actual measurements.
(There are also measurement instructions for Custom Tailored Barongs)

To find the right size Barong for you :

  • Find your "chest size" in any of 4 ways:
    • Check the size label from a well-fitting dress shirt. The first number is your neck size. Use the table below to convert your neck size to chest size 
    • Check the size label from a well-fitting coat or suit jacket (for example: coat size 40 fits a 40" chest) 
    • Convert your chest size from your shirt 'letter' size (S, M, L...) 
    • Measure your chest with the illustrated instructions below

  • Choose a Barong with a chest size range that includes your size. (for example: a person with a 38, 39 or 40" chest would choose a Barong size with a 38-40" chest size range)
    Because Barongs are traditionally made to be loose-fitting, it's fine to go up 2 inches or down 1 inch in chest size. For example, a person with a 46" chest could fit well into a Barong with 46-48" chest size; & a person with a 45" chest could fit well into a Barong with 42-44" chest size.

  • Find your Dress shirt sleeve length (if you're buying a long sleeve Barong)
    • Check the size label from a well-fitting dress shirt. The second number(s) is your sleeve length 
    • Measure for your 'Dress shirt sleeve length' with the illustrated instructions

  • Choose a Barong with a sleeve length range that includes your length. (for example: a person with a 33 or 34" sleeve length would choose a Barong size with a 33-34" (or slightly longer) sleeve length range)

You'll need a flexible tape measure (inches) and someone to help you place and read the measuring tape.




A. The biggest circumference around the chest

Keep measuring tape horizontal, wrap around the biggest girth of the chest, keeping the measuring tape up
and close to the arm pits.

Dress Shirt Sleeve Length

A. Base of neck (backside, center)
B. Outside tip of shoulder
C. Outside bend of elbow
D. Wrist or the point at which you prefer the cuff to end

1. Rest your hand on the side of your hip, with elbow bent.

2. Measure as shown in the illustration: - Start at (A) the backside base of the neck,
- past (B) the shoulder,
- around (C) the elbow,
- to (D) the wrist or the point at which you prefer the cuff to end.

The path of the tape measure should follow the outside of the arm.

(or, look for your 'Dress shirt sleeve length' on the size tag of a dress shirt that fits well.)


Corresponding neck sizes & chest sizes of ready-to-wear Barongs

Neck size
Chest size
14.5-15 34-36
15-15.5 36-38
15.5-16 38-40
16-16.5 40-42
16.5-17 42-44
17-17.5 44-46
17.5-18 46-48
18.5-19 50-52
19.5-20 54-56
20-20.5td> 58-60

Men's size reference: U.S. size vs. Chest dimensions

Men's sizes
U.S. standard
Chest dimensions
of the person
Small 34-36
Medium 38-40
Large 42-44
XL 46-48
2XL 50-52
3XL 54-56


A size label from a typical dress shirt(click image to enlarge)

For your convenience, we size our long sleeve Barongs with the "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length," which is easy to find on the size label your own dress shirt.


Q: What is "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length?"
A: It is one of two numbers found on most "Dress Shirt" size tags (U.S. & Europe).

Usually, the first number is the neck size, and the second number is the "Dress Shirt" sleeve length.

For example, "15 x 34/35" would be the "Dress Shirt" size that fits someone with a 15" neck & a 34" to 35" sleeve (as measured in the U.S. & Europe)

Illustrated instructions on how to measure your "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length"

Q: How do I use my "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length" to find the right Barong size?
A: Each of our Barongs have the "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length" listed in their size description &/or their item code.

Shop for Barongs that have your chest size and "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length" and you'll have Barong with a great fit!

Q: Why is the "Dress Shirt Sleeve Length" longer than the "Actual" sleeve length?
A: The "Dress Shirt sleeve length" is measured from the back base of the neck, over the shoulder, and down the arm to wrist.

The "Actual" sleeve length is measured from the tip of the shoulder, down the arm to the wrist.