What is a Barong?

How MyBarong is made?

Your Barong Tagalog will be made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. Our exclusive tailors' trade secret techniques used in our production ensure that every custom made Barong fits perfectly. The tailors of MyBarong take pride in making only premium products, and it shows in every stitch. Follow your Barong through the production line to learn the details of each step of the process:

1. Jusi fabric is machine woven or Pina fabric is woven on a hand loom

2. Fabric is hand and machine embroidered in a pattern especially for a Barong

3. Your custom measurements and our tailors' trade secret techniques are used to make the perfect pattern for your made-to-measure Barong

4. Your Barong is manually sewn with the highest quality standards and attention to detail by our tailors.

Must I buy a Custom Tailor Barong to be sure it will fit me well?

When buying a Barong Tagalog, it's very important to check for quality of materials, workmanship, and most of all... If it FITS!

At MyBarong, you can find a Barong that fits you perfectly in 1 or more of our 3 Barong "departments":

  • "In Stock" Barongs that are ready to be shipped to you directly from our California order center. They are available in most (U.S.) standard sizes and some tall sizes.
  • "3-Week Tailor" Barongs that are made to order & expedited to ship to you within 3 weeks.
  • "Custom Tailor" Barongs that you design with your choice of fabric, colors, embroidery & more. They are made to your exact size specifications, and fit your perfectly. Whichever way you choose to get your Barong, you'll get a premium quality garment that you'll look great in!

At MyBarong we put it all together...

  • Quality materials
  • Attention to details
  • Our Tailors' trade secrets
  • The best value and service on the planet.

History of the Barong Tagalog