103 Gold English-card Wedding coins

103 Gold English-card Wedding coins

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Unity Coins with Gold finish (English version)
Coins' base surfaces are a matte finish, & the raised portions are brilliant finish

Also available in Spanish version in Gold or Silver finish

~ A beautiful part of any wedding ceremony

The Unity Coins are a contemporary version of the traditional wedding coins, known as Arras in the Philippines & Spain, that are used throughout the world in numerous cultures (Arabic, Filipino, Greek, Indian, Irish, Latin American, Sicilian, Spanish, Swedish, & others) & religions (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, & others).

The Wedding Coins have come to symbolize more than just prosperity. Today's couples embrace life & face the world together in a more mutually supportive way than ever before. Each coin in our "Unity Coins" set has a unique design, representing one of thirteen universal tenets of marriage:

~:~ Love ~:~ Trust ~:~ Commitment ~:~ Respect ~:~ Joy ~:~ Happiness ~:~ Harmony ~:~ Wisdom ~:~ Unity ~:~ Nurturing ~:~ Caring ~:~ Cooperation ~:~ Peace ~:~

The symbolic use of coins in a wedding ceremony is a tradition in many different religions, cultures & countries. The "Unity Coins" designs have influences from all over the world, including the "Celtic Marriage Knot" (which is on the backside of each coin), the Adinkra (Asante people of Ghana and Ivory Coast) symbol for Wisdom, & the Chinese "Yin & Yang," to name a few.

The designs are non-denominational & celebrate the universal tenets of an enduring marriage.

Coin size: 30mm diameter (half-dollar size)

This coin set is comes in a protective plastic package. Keepsake box is not included.