Graduation Stole 100900

Graduation Stole 100900

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P-Grad Stole #100900

The traditional stole is worn to indicate honor and distinction.

Wear the P-Grad stole for the distinction of being a proud Pinay or Pinoy...
... for graduations (P-Grad, Fil-Grad, etc.), awardings and other special ceremonies.

Choral & other Pinoy groups look especially distinguished wearing these stoles as well.

Philippine Sun on All-White Stole... to match any school's colors.

Made of fine polyester satin. Dimensions: 82" long

Customize your stole with iron-on patches or applique.

*This stole is all-white throughout if worn inverted (perfect "blank slate" for customizing with your own iron-on, etc.)

Please email us if you'd like to use a purchase order for a group order.