Graduation Ribbon Lei 100912

Graduation Ribbon Lei 100912

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Proudly show your true colors.
Beautifully crafted in the Philippines.  
This ribbon lei is inspired by the Philippine flag. Three floral stars representing the country's three main island groups - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. A ribbon in the colors of the flag - red, blue, yellow and white.

The traditional ribbon lei is worn to indicate an honor or distinction.

Wear the P-Grad ribbon lei for the distinction of being a proud Pinay or Pinoy...

... for graduation (P-Grad, Fil-Grad, etc.), award and other special ceremonies.

Choral & other Pin@y groups look especially distinguished wearing these ribbon leis as well.

Made of fine satin & grosgrain ribbon, 100% Polyester. 
Dimensions: 40 inches circumference,  2 inches width.